Atlas Resources

Resources represent supplies that your character can draw on during combat.

Vitality measure how hard it is to kill your character. During combat, when abilities do damage to you, subtract the damage from your vitality. If your vitality drop to zero, you are out of the fight. Vitality is entirely restored by a night’s rest and frequently partially restored by abilities. At level zero, you gain vitality proportional to <strength>. Your race will have a multiplier that determines how much to multiply the sum. Vitality can be improved by using armor or by having certain types of spells cast on you that grant temporary hit points.

Stamina measure how frequently you can pull off spectacular exploits. Many abilities have an augmentation option to increase their scope, damage or effects by expending one or more stamina. Stamina is entirely restored after a few minutes of resting. At level zero, you gain a number of fatigue points equal to <strength>. Stamina can be bolstered by carrying powerstones which act as an additional reservoir of energy.

Mana measures how many things you can do at once. During combat, abilities that must be maintained cost mana. At level zero, you gain mana equal to <power>. Mana can be augmented by currying the favor of sprites through quests, powerful acts and certain codes of behavior.

Sprite Virtue Vice Color Skills
Angel Charity Overconfidence White Artifice Abjuration Conversation Conjuration
Demon Determination Hatred Black Melee Destruction Abjuration Trickery
Djinn Clever Paranoia Blue Athletics Evocation Conversation Trickery
Satyr Resilience Hedonistic Green Melee Athletics Conjuration Nature
Efreet Boldness Fickleness Red Artifice Destruction Evocation Nature

Atlas Resources

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