Atlas Character Generation

These archetypes are typical in the atlas universe. They are organized into Priority A-C. Each character starts with 1 Priority A archetype, 2 Priority B archetypes, and 3 Priority C archetypes. Each character must take exactly one Racial Archetype. All other archetypes are free form.


Select a Priority A and two C’s or three priority B’s.

Power Source

Select A through C priorities among power sources. You may take the same power source multiple times.

  • Arcane – Your main source of power comes from your own intellect.
  • Martial – Your main source of power comes from perfecting your body.
  • Spiritual – Your main source of power comes from building relationships with spirits.

Party Role

Select A and B priorities among the party roles. You may select both as the same role.

  • Slayer – You are personally powerful. You kill your enemies.
  • Leader – You lead a team of allies. You empower your allies.
  • Controller – You control the environment around you. You weaken your enemies.


Select priorities A through D. You may double up on a priority.

Atlas Character Generation

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