Atlas Archetypes


There are a few character archetypes that the player should be aware of when creating their character. These are the archetypes that NPC’s in the world expect. While the Atlas campaign system is not class based, these archetypes guide the generation of many of the powers.


Marshals focus on controlling element.

  • Skinwalkers learn to change their shape into wild animals.
  • Swordsmen learn the deadly and graceful arts of the combat.
  • Berserkers unleash the full power of their essence and energy through their own flesh.
  • Rogues train themselves in acrobatics, stealth and the perfect strike.


Sorcerers focus on controlling energy.

  • Evokers learn powerful spells of destruction.
  • Travelers learn powerful methods of transportation from flight to transportation.


Abjurers focus on controlling essence.

  • Priests practice white magic. White magic is generated by angels and archons. Angels are attracted to mercy and kindness. Archons are attracted to justice and vengeance.
  • Mystics practice black magic. Black magic is generated by devils and demons. Devils are attracted to ambition and greed. Demons are attracted to destruction and death.
  • Shamans practice red magic. Red magic is generated by oreads and efreets. Oreads are attracted to fortitude and determination. Efreets are attracted to impulsiveness and chaos.
  • Druids practice green magic. Green magic is generated by satyrs and dryads. Satyrs are attracted to ferocity and strength. Dryads are attracted to life and giving.
  • Philosophers practice blue magic. Blue magic is generated by naiads and djinn. Naiads are attracted to knowledge and learning. Djinn are attracted to deceipt and trickery.


Artificers learn to control both energy and element.

  • Healers can cure wounds of all types.
  • Artisans create objects of wonder and power.
  • Immortals blend physical prowess with the devastating power of energy.


Conjurers learn to control both element and essence.

  • Summoners train sprites to form bodies around themselves to protect their master.
  • Necromancers raise corpses into undeath or craft animate constructs.
  • Golemancers carefully craft golems and grant their sprites homes in the bodies.


Wizards learn to control both essence and energy.

  • Spellbinders train sprites to channel energy in specific forms.
  • Illusionists train sprites to trick their enemies.

Atlas Archetypes

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