In atlas, each spirit inhabits and controls a body of element. The degree of control this spirit has is directly correlated to its strength.

  • Priority A – Increase your strength by 3 and your other attributes by 1 each.
    • Increase your Armor by 2 and Dodge by 1.
    • Select four basic attacks or active defenses from below.
    • Increase your speed by 2.
  • Priority B – Increase your strength by 2 and another attribute by 1.
    • Increase your Armor by 1.
    • Select two basic attacks or active defense.
    • Increase your speed by 1.
  • Priority C – Increase your strength by 1.
    • You gain one basic attack or active defense from below.

Basic Attacks

  • Sword Shock, 1/2 Pain, Target number Creativity+1.
  • Fists Shock, 1/4 Pain two attacks. Target number Creativity +1.
  • Claws 1/2 Shock, 1/2 Pain two attacks. Target number Creativity. Racial Requirements.
  • Axe Shock, 1/2 Pain +1, Target number Judgment.
  • Hammer 3/2 Shock, 1/4 Pain +1, Target number Judgment.
  • Spear 1/2 Shock, 3/4 Pain, Target number Perception +1, Reach 2, Range 5.
  • Bow Shock, 1/2 Pain, Target number Perception, Range 20.

Active Defenses

  • Block Double your Armor defense against the attack.
  • Parry Double your dodge defense against the attack.
  • Counter Requires Parry, make basic attack if target misses when you parry.
  • Roll Requires Block, double your fortitude against the shock if the attack you block gets through.
  • Absorb Add your Armor to your defiance against spiritual attacks.
  • Reflect Add your Dodge to your Unravel against arcane attacks.


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