Atlas Combat Mechanics

The following are guidelines for handling combat in Atlas.


Combat moves forward in bouts and rounds. The following steps detail how to process each moment and round.

  1. Each character that is ambushing the enemy may take the Ready action for free.
  2. Each character that is surprised rolls takes the Ready action if they so choose.
  3. Execute bouts of combat until the GM declares combat has ended.
  1. Execute 5 Rounds.
  2. All combatants must either execute any extend entries or declare they are no longer maintaining the ability. If the ability has an End entry, they execute that entry now.
  1. Combatants may execute 1 standard action, 1 move action and as many minor actions as they desire. The GM will make rulings about the order of these actions based on the idea that all the actions happen roughly simultaneously.
  2. Combatants update any cool-downs or warm-ups specified by the powers.

Atlas Combat Mechanics

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